adverse credit loans unsecured

Bad Credit Loans

We check eligibility for loans from our wide panel of lenders to save you time and get you the best deal based on your circumstances. Once you have submitted your details we will show you the options available.

Not only did this system make it very hard for people with bad credit to be approved for bad credit loans, but it also meant that some people found themselves with a bad credit score through no fault of their own. New Horizons understands that people with bad credit scores still need to borrow money in times of emergency. That is why we strive to match you with lenders that offer the best bad credit loans for people with bad credit. Understanding that a bad credit score does not make you a loan risk, and believing that everyone should have access to credit when needed, we will do everything we can to quickly put you in touch with the lenders best-suited for your needs.

Imagine getting into financial trouble when an unforeseen event takes place and you have to pay some emergency bills. You can apply for a payday loan when such a situation arises, which gives to access to the amount you need in just a matter of hours. These types of loans are also unsecured and they have to be paid back in full along with interest in a two week period. Because of this reason, they are known as payday loans. When a person receives his next paycheck, he is able to pay back the loan. For this type, a person needs to be above 18 years of age having a decent monthly salary.

Even if you have a bad credit score, it is still possible to obtain an affordable loan. We understand that life doesn’t always run smoothly, and a poor credit history shouldn’t stand in the way of securing an affordable personal loan to help pay for a new car, improvements to your home or any other unexpected costs which may come your adverse credit loans unsecured way. Our lenders assess candidates on their individual circumstances, and they will take into account your income and outgoings as well as any other assets you might have when you apply for a loan. However, if you have a bad credit rating, then you will be considered a high-risk customer, and they may charge higher rate of interest.

At Cashfloat, we trust you. We offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor because when you agree to do your best to repay the loan on time, we trust you. And if the repayment date is approaching and you realise that you won’t be able to repay, give us a call and we’ll rearrange your payments for you into a solution that will help everyone involved. No guarantor necessary.

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